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Lista Issue, Parts and Transaction Counters

Lista's parts issue counters allow you to keep your "Top 100" products close at hand, and provide a smooth, spacious counter top for holding displays, keyboards and catalogs, and for conducting transactions. Issue counters maximize usable storage and workspace, while improving item retrieval and inventory control. They organize your parts department and increase your efficiency and customer responsiveness.

  • High-density drawer storage cabinets: maximum cubic capacity
  • Subdividable drawers: stored items have their own specific compartments, so they're well protected and easy to retrieve
  • Drawer dividers can accommodate labels and bar codes: this permits easy identification of compartment contents, and promotes greater inventory accuracy
  • Shelf cabinets: allow you to store bulky parts and supplies adjacent to smaller items in drawers
  • Roll-out trays: full-extension trays allow easy access to the very back, while supporting up to 440 lbs. of storage.
  • Durable counter tops: whether butcher block, stainless steel or plastic laminate, tough Lista counter tops stand up to daily pounding and look good doing it
  • Handles are flush with the cabinet housing: when the drawers are closed, nothing protrudes from the housing to snag clothing
  • 100% full drawer extension: drawer and roll-out tray contents are easily accessible, even in the farthest corner

L-shaped counter

Full extension drawers. Access to even the farthest corner of the drawer when open. When closed, drawer handle is flush with the housing so employees won't snag their clothing.

Combination issue counter and work center