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Lista Drawer Storage Cabinets

Outdoor power equipment parts operations love Lista modular drawer storage cabinets. Maximum storage density using a range of drawer widths and heights – and totally flexible drawer partitioning – combine to make the absolute most of your department's cubic space. And these cabinets are strong enough for the heaviest parts, providing a weight bearing capacity of up to 440 lbs. per drawer. Concerned about future storage needs? Don't be. Modular Lista drawer storage cabinets are fully scalable and adaptable to your changing inventories and business growth.

  • Unique drawer construction: guide track supports, and front and rear panels welded to the drawer bottom, provide full dimensional stability
  • Lista full height sidewallsExclusive drawer suspension system: only Lista's exclusive suspension system features quiet polyoxymethylene (POM) bearings, and delivers the strength, hardness, dimensional stability, fatigue and wear resistance you need for dependable long-term performance. Learn more in this video.
  • Full drawer extension: drawers slide out 100% even with a full load, allowing complete use of the farthest corners and easy access to all contents
  • Two drawer weight capacities: cabinets are available with 440lb. (200kg) and/or 165 lb. (75kg) full-extension suspension, depending on the drawer footprint
  • One-drawer-at-a-time safety system: Patented PrevenTip® interlock system guards against tipping by locking the remaining drawers when one of them is extended
  • Flush handles: when closed, Lista drawer handles are flush with cabinet housing so nothing protrudes or catches clothing, improving safety and appearance
  • Full-height sidewalls: 6 different full sidewall heights provide maximum use of cubic storage volume so there's no wasted space
  • Lista hinged drawer handle coverHinged drawer handle covers: a hinged plastic handle cover easily opens and closes to allow labels to be added and changed. They protect labels from the effects of daily handling. Use our free Lista Script software to create customized drawers labels
  • Customizable drawer layouts: partitioning slots on all four sides allow flexible subdivision for better item organization and faster retrieval
  • Convenient drawer dividers: angled top edges allow fast, accurate identification of compartment contents and accommodate Lista Script labels, as well as most bar code labels
  • Variety of locking systems: enable secure, safe storage
  • Secure cabinet placement: cabinets can be anchored to the floor or bolted to adjacent units for stable, secure positioning with no shifting

Shallow depth HS cabinets. The perfect cabinet footprint to maximize cubic storage capacity and minimize aisle widths.

Full extension drawers. Access to even the farthest corner of the drawer when open. When closed, drawer handle is flush with the housing so employees won't snag their clothing.