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Your parts and customer areas are a hub of activity. Busy personnel are assisting customers, helping technicians, managing inventories and logging in shipments. They can do it all faster, easier and in fewer steps with Lista. Our custom-configured modular drawer storage, Storage Wall® systems and Shelf Converter® systems keep parts of all sizes and weights close at hand and easily accessible. And our industry-leading parts counter solutions enable you to access your Top 100 parts quickly and accurately.

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1. Storage Wall® Systems

Totally customizable, full wall storage systems with a combination of drawers, adjustable shelves and roll-out trays keep your large and small fast-moving parts organized and at your fingertips, all in one compact footprint.

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2. Stationary Drawer Cabinets

Tough, flexible drawer storage cabinets provide compact storage density and impressive weight-bearing capacity.

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3. Custom Drawer Interiors

Plastic boxes or partitions and dividers allow for custom configuration of drawers. Store parts of a variety of sizes to maximize use of cubic storage space.

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4. Shelf Cabinets

Shelf cabinets efficiently hold bulky parts and other items that won't fit in drawers. Perfect for stacking above drawer cabinets.

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5. Issue Counters

Smooth, attractive counter space with ample room for displays, keyboards, literature and more. Drawers, shelves and roll-out trays can be configured any way you like for super-quick retrieval of "Top 100" parts and supplies.

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